Sea of Opportunities Cardboard Boat Race

Cardboardboats 0005 Katiekaizerphotography

To begin each new school year the Sea of Opportunities Oceanography & Maritime Studies students learn about navigation, cartography, and how we navigate the Earth. Wrapped into this curriculum unit is the Cardboard Boat Program. Students learn the processes of conception, to sketch, to model, and then build, testing and critiquing their work along the way.

The pinnacle moment of the project will be had on October 24 when students from all island schools' eighth grade classes will finally be able to give their designs a “real life” experience in the water. Students use paddles to maneuver their boats working in teams. Whoever finishes the race and disposes of their cardboard boat in a dumpster first wins the race. There will be a series of races throughout the morning as teams of students from different schools each await their turn to test their designs. This is a fun and thrilling morning for students and spectators.

To enjoy photos from the 2017 Sea of Opportunities Cardboard Boat Race click here.

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