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By Olivia E. Jackson

This week on ACKweather’s social media platforms, we will be featuring the breathtaking work of Mark Crosby. Originally from the Northeast of England, Mark washed ashore on Nantucket in the Spring of 2000. A few years later, he rediscovered his love of photography and has been photographing the island he now calls home and its people ever since. He met his wife, Zofia, at a gallery on Nantucket where his work was being shown. In England, he primarily photographed landscapes and enjoyed taking photos of his family, but after meeting Zofia and settling on Nantucket, he began to focus on photographing weddings and portraits. Mark enjoys being part of the happiness of a wedding and capturing those special moments that his clients can relive over and over.

Since 2010, Mark has worked alongside his wife at Zofia & Co., where he is the co-owner and lead photographer, shooting primarily weddings and portraits. His work has been featured at Nantucket Airport, Nantucket Cottage Hospital, “Every Day” with Rachel Ray magazine and a variety of wedding magazines. Additionally, he worked as a time lapse photographer for the Sankaty Head Lighthouse move for the British TV Show Monster Moves. For more information about Mark, visit his website by clicking here. To see some of his latest work, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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