Rebecca Love and Jonathan Gray

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ACKweather Feature Photographer

By Olivia E. Jackson

Husband and wife photography team Rebecca Love and Jonathan Gray will be featured on ACKweather social media this week. After meeting and falling in love on Nantucket almost 10 years ago, they dreamed of starting a business together. They made the decision to put their hearts and souls into doing what they love, and they couldn’t be happier they did. Love and Gray primarily shoot weddings, family and individual portraits, and engagements. They are proud of the relationships and friendships they develop with their clients. Their goal is to capture life’s honest and candid moments and people’s genuine happiness in all of their photos.

When Love and Gray are not busying photographing, they are spending time with their daughter Willow, to whom they are devoted. They also enjoy the calmness and beauty of Nantucket in the offseason and driving on the beach with their dog Benny. To learn more about Rebecca and Jonathan, and their work, visit their website by clicking here. Follow them on Instagram here and/or here to see their latest work or check out their Facebook page.

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