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Mill Hill Press

Known for its distinctive Nantucket books, Egan Maritime Institute’s Mill Hill Press is the most prolific source of books related to the island and its maritime heritage. Mill Hill Press sells books on topics ranging from the island’s history, literature, art, and architecture to its traditions and relationship with the sea.

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To purchase titles you may call Egan Maritime’s Adminstrative Office at (508) 228 - 2505; email; or visit the Nantucket book sellers below.

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Egan Maritime’s Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum, Gift Shop, 158 Polpis Road
Mitchell’s Book Corner, 54 Main Street
Nantucket Bookworks, 25 Broad Street
Nantucket Historical Association, Museum Shop, 15 Broad Street
The Hub, 31 Main Street


Nantucket Lights

Nantucket Lights: An Illustrated History of the Island’s Legendary Beacons

By Karen T. Butler

This beautifully illustrated book recounts the fascinating history of Nantucket’s legendary lightships, its three lighthouses, and the people who worked to keep their lights shining brightly. 1997, hardcover $45.00.

Remarkable Observations

Remarkable Observations: The Whaling Journal of Peleg Folger, 1751 – 1754

Peleg Folger, at age 17, sailed into Arctic waters in search of whales on Nantucket-based vessels as small as fifty feet in length. It is an absorbing human document by an extraordinary young man. 2006, hardcover $22.00.

Early Nantucket Whale Houses

Early Nantucket and Its Whale Houses

By Henry C. Forman

“Anyone with a feeling for Americana will appreciate the Williamsburg-by-the-sea quality of the book.” – New York Times Book Review. An in-depth study of the distinctive architecture of the island’s evolving whaling community. 1991. Second edition, Reprint hardcover $29.95.

Among The Stars

Among the Stars: The Life of Maria Mitchell

By Margaret Moore Booker

“A landmark achievement that shows how a young woman from Nantucket had a lasting impact on science, education, and women’s rights in America and the world.” – Nathaniel Philbrick, author of Away Off Shore, In the Heart of the Sea, and Mayflower. 2007, hardcover $59.95.

Town Farms

Town Farms and Country Commons

By Debra McManis

While sailors, whalers, and fishermen followed the vocations that made the island famous, other Nantuckers, beginning with Native Americans, grew the food that supported the population. 2010, paper $18.95.

Monomoy Heights

A Nantucket Enclave: Monomoy Heights, 1852-2005

By C. S. Lovelace

For more than a century, the forces that shaped Nantucket have resided in Monomoy Heights, as the island has evolved from a sleepy seaside community to a bustling summer resort and vacation destination. 2005, paper $30.00.

Quaker Nantucket

Quaker Nantucket

By Robert J. Leach and Peter Gow

Based on the original research in records long thought lost, Quaker Nantucket explores the spectacular growth of Quakerism on the island and its equally astonishing decline amidst the collapse of the whaling industry a century later. 1997, paper $14.95.

Nantucket Spirit

Nantucket Spirit: The Art and Life of Elizabeth Rebecca Coffin

By Margaret Moore Booker

This elegantly written and lavishly illustrated volume brings to life an extraordinary Nantucket artist. Elizabeth R. Coffin (1850-1930) preserved in her canvases the people, landscapes, and rural lifestyles that were fading from the island. 2001, hardcover $35.00.

Life Saving Nantucket

Life Saving Nantucket

By Edouard A. Stackpole

Written by former Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum director, Edouard A. Stackpole, Life Saving Nantucket documents the triumphs and tragedies of a hardy breed of islands who, as volunteers, manned the early Massachusetts Humane Society sites and risked their lives to save those in peril. 1972, hardcover $25.


Miriam Coffin

Miriam Coffin, or the Whale-Fisherman

By Joseph C. Hart, with an introduction by Nathaniel Philbrick

Based on the life of the Tory "she-merchant" Kezia Coffin, this reprint of the 1835 novel presents a detailed picture of the island of Nantucket when it was the whaling capital of the world. 1995, hardcover $19.95.

Young Readers

Coffins Ghost

Coffin’s Ghost

By Whitney Stewart

In Coffin’s Ghost, two young off-islanders, Anna and Nat, come to Nantucket to visit Papa Henry, their grandfather. On-island, they begin a journey through the island’s maritime past in search of pirate treasure. 2009, paper $16.99.

Smugglers Luck

Smuggler’s Luck

By Edouard A. Stackpole

Originally published in 1931, Smuggler’s Luck recounts the adventures of a Nantucket boy, Timothy Pinkham, during the American Revolution. 2005, paper $20.00.

You Fight For Treasure

You Fight for Treasure

By Edouard A. Stackpole

Originally published in 1932, this book is the second of four in Stackpole’s series of adventure stories of Timothy Pinkham. 2006, paper $20.00.