2018 Giving Tuesday: The Impact of Your Support is Felt Everywhere

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Your contributions mean so much more than their sum.

By Michelle Cartwright Soverino

At Egan Maritime Institute, we cultivate Nantucket's maritime leaders of tomorrow while ensuring the island's seafaring and lifesaving heritage are preserved and celebrated. We want to inspire every resident and visitor with the selfless acts of the heroic men and women who have and continue to safeguard Nantucket's waters.

On this Giving Tuesday, we thank every Egan Maritime member, donor, and patron for making our work possible. With their loyal support, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

A gift to Egan Maritime means so much more than its sum. When you contribute to Egan Maritime you...

…give honor to the often forgotten service people who are always ready for the call of help. Nantucket’s lifesavers represent the spirit of the island and the selflessness in service to community that makes Nantucket special. Our patrons give honor to the ordinary men and women who have done extraordinary things in the pursuit of rescue. They ensure the incredible stories of sacrifice of the island’s past and present are preserved and shared for generations to come.

...give opportunity to local youth to get out on the water and gain confidence and passion through hands-on maritime education. They experience the thrill and rush of the sea while learning about the sciences, technologies, and trades that sustain our coastal community.

give community to the island’s year-round and seasonal residents. Through accessible seafaring public programs you create togetherness by way of public history.

In an ocean of worthy Nantucket cultural organizations, thank you for making Egan Maritime a charitable priority.

Our maritime community and history make Nantucket a beautiful, special place and a
National Historic Landmark. I hope you will consider investing in its future by coming aboard with us today.