Squall at Folger's Marsh

Squall At Folgers Marsh A10499

Daniel Sutherland Gifts Striking Images of the Museum and Folger's Marsh to Egan Maritime

Nantucket fine art photographer, Daniel Sutherland, Sutherland Studio, made a recent gift to Egan Maritime: three incredible images capturing the Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum and adjacent Folger's Marsh with his keen aptitude for striking moments that illuminate the island's natural light and sweeping landscapes.

Sutherland is an established fine art photographer who's primary thesis is The Nantucket Landscape and surrounding oceanic environment. He has been studying the island carefully for 30 years. Daniel began working with medium and large format film cameras and now exclusively photographs with high resolution medium format digital cameras that are better suited to rapidly changing weather conditions and unpredictable winds. Considered engagement with Nantucket's ever-changing landscape over time has provided him with a unique perspective, encouraging evolving ways to convey a sense of wonder. Sutherland delights in the playful boundary between representation and abstraction, often revealing distilled references in otherwise descriptive forms through reduction and simplification of elements found in the nature. Sutherland approaches his subject on an intimate scale, which invites engagement on a personal level. “I strive for a sense of transcendence in the representational; to elucidate unique experiences of time and place, Illuminating moments that reveal openings through which one may pass renewed, edified,” he said. You may view large scale edition limited pigment prints at his studio which is open by appointment, or see his portfolio online at daniel-sutherland.com.

Pauline Proch, Egan Maritime's Executive Director, discovered Sutherland's photograph "Squall at Folger's Marsh" on the Sutherland Studio website. It is now featured on eganmaritime.org's home page. "As soon as I saw it, I was awestruck, and had to inquire on its use for Egan Maritime. It is such an amazing image of the Museum and the Marsh," she said. "I am so pleased we are able to showcase it, and cannot thank Daniel enough for his generosity."

Egan Maritime is truly grateful to have Sutherland's images to share the breathtaking beauty of Folger's Marsh and the Museum with our audience.