Making a Splash

Ships Wheel July 2017 Surfboat Article Lead Image

The 2017 Surf Boat Program launched in July. Each summer in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club and Strong Wings Adventure Camp, Egan Maritime brings on the water experiences to campers on the restored Monomoy style surf boat. With the boat as their classroom, campers learn the laborious work of lifesavers and surfmen while experiencing the thrill of being on the water. The surf boat program isn't just about sharing Nantucket's maritime culture with island kids, it is also about cultivating courage and joy while being active and engaged with the world around you. It is of no surprise that what the kids love most about their time on the surf boat is jumping off its stern into the cool harbor water.

On the morning of July 20, the crew from Tall Ship Lynx and a teacher from the Nantucket Lighthouse School rowed the students from Polpis Harbor to Coast Guard Station Brant Point. There the surf boat was beached and the youth got a tour of the surf boats used in current day rescues from FN John Feniello. The surf boat program is made possible in part thanks to Anderson's Stillwater Moorings LLC who supply and maintain the mooring for the boat. This program is sustained through the generous donations of Egan Maritime members and supporters. Isn't it amazing how all of these organizations, businesses, and people come together to create wonderful opportunities for our island youth?