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Celebrating the Leadership of Don Shackelford

By Michelle Cartwright Soverino

In 2012 The Lynx Education Fund was searching for a new partnership to invigorate their program offerings and to bring Tall Ship experiences to New England youth. At that time, Egan Maritime Institute was strategizing ways to bring maritime education back to island youth since Nantucket's history and maritime studies had been omitted from the Nantucket Public School's curriculum. A partnership was thus born between Egan Maritime and The Lynx Education Fund; Don Shackelford spearheaded the charge to secure the future of Tall Ship Lynx on Nantucket, ensuring on-the-water educational experiences for all Nantucket students.

Since then, more than 1,500 Nantucket youth have enjoyed on-the-water classroom lessons aboard Lynx, and more than fifty island youth have sailed aboard her for weekend or week-long sails as Egan Maritime Student Mariners. These sails have transformed the lives of many island youth. Currently six Student Mariners who have graduated from Nantucket High School have gone on to maritime institutions and academies, and they all attribute their choice of educational and career paths to Lynx and their Student Mariner experiences.

On Tuesday, July 17 Egan Maritime will gather with esteemed patrons and members at Great Harbor Yacht Club at the 2018 Sea of Opportunities Benefit Luncheon to honor Donald "Don" B. Shackelford's pioneering vision to bring maritime education and experiences to Nantucket youth. Funds raised from the event will support the summer Student Mariner sails aboard Tall Ships, as well as the Sea of Opportunities classroom at the Nantucket Public Schools and programs at the Nantucket Lighthouse School and Nantucket New School.

Sea of Opportunities Benefit Luncheon
Tuesday, July 17, 2018, Great Harbor Yacht Club
Libations and Greetings - 11:30 am
Lunch & Presentation - 12 noon
Tickets $500

To learn more about the Sea of Opportunities Benefit Luncheon, please call the Egan Maritime Administrative Office at (508) 228 - 2505. Invitations by traditional post will follow to all Egan members, patrons, and contacts.