The Great Gale of 1879

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Listen to the amazing story of the events surrounding "The Great Gale of 1879!

The greatest threat to mariners occurred during the winter and early spring season when violent storms arrived with little notice, catching ships off guard, and running them aground on the shoals and rips. Ships could be broken up in a matter of days or even hours in the pounding surf, with sailors facing great risk to life and limb because of the cold water end extreme weather.

Many had only to cling to the rigging, pray and wait for the life saving crews from Nantucket to take action and come to their rescue. Such was the case in late March during the Great Gale of 1879, when 11 shipwrecks occurred around the Island, and the bravery of Nantucket’s volunteer lifesavers would be put to the ultimate test.”

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