Time & Tide - The Shellfish Series

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The Time & Tide - Shellfish Series was born out of a desire to share the history of the shellfish industry on Nantucket. We hope this series will educate the public about how to support today’s bay scallop fishery, oyster farmers, clammers, and anyone who values the bounty that Nantucket waters offer.

Time & Tide - The Shellfish Series Episode 3: Remembering the Nantucket Shellfish Aquafarm

Time & Tide is back with another installment of The Shellfish Series. In this episode, we welcome Rob Garrison to the show. While researching and talking about the history of aquaculture on Nantucket, Rob's name kept coming up at the top of our list of guests who could shed some light on the early years. Rob and Martin Ceely were the founding partners of the first oyster farm on Nantucket in the 1980s. Rob was also integral in developing and constructing the first generation of the shellfish hatchery on Brant Point. We knew we needed to interview him, Lucky for us, the stars aligned, and Rob was back on Island this summer and made time for an interview.

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Time & Tide - The Shellfish Series Episode 2: Sam Denette, Tara Riley & Matt Herr

We are excited to continue the Time and Tide Podcast collaboration between Egan Maritime Institute and the Nantucket Shellfish Association.

In this episode, we do a deep dive into several subjects related to what oyster farming on the Island looks like today, the operations at the shellfish hatchery on Brant Point, and the work of the Nantucket Shellfish Association. Listen along as we chat with Sam Denette, Executive Director of the Nantucket Shellfish Association, Tara Riley, Shellfish and Aquatic Resource Manager at the Shellfish Hatchery, and Matt Herr, local oyster farmer and owner of Grey Lady Oysters.

After listening to this episode, we promise you will crave a delicious Grey Lady Oyster.

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The Time & Tide - Shellfish Series

Listen now to the first episode of The Time & Tide Shellfish Series! This episode dives into the early days of the shellfish industry. Host Evan chats with the folks who started it all. You will hear about the infamous Seafest and how Martin Ceely and his rag-tag crew began propagating shellfish and oyster farming on Nantucket.

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