To Vineyard Haven and Back

2018 Cps Student Mariner Sails For News Entry

2018 Egan Maritime Student Mariner Sails Aboard Tall Ship "Lynx"

By Michelle Cartwright Soverino

Earlier this month, over two beautiful weekends, Nantucket Middle School students departed Nantucket Harbor aboard Tall Ship Lynx to begin their Student Mariner weekend sails. With a course charted to Martha's Vineyard and back, youth lived and worked alongside Lynx's wonderful crew and Egan Maritime's Manager of Maritime Education, Evan Schwanfelder.

While under sail, Student Mariners learned the role of a crew member and how to handle and manage the sails and ropes. Team work, self confidence, comfort speaking and giving directions, while also taking orders--all of these were part of their transformative experience aboard the ship.

Before June's end, Egan Maritime will send five more local youth out for a week long Student Mariner sail aboard Northeast Maritime's Brigantine, Fritha. In total, Egan Maritime welcomed 13 local youth into the Student Mariner class of 2018, giving all an exciting opportunity to experience life at sea. These sails are offered free of charge thanks to the generous support of Egan Maritime's members and patrons.