"Wrecked on the Feejees" - a Time & Tide Podcast Mini-Series


A forward to the published installments gives the best overview… "Cary's log of his experiences is a most graphic depiction of life among the Fiji Islanders. His capture and adoption by the king of the tribe, the life and customs of the natives, his escape and return home are all touched upon in detail, the whole story forming one of the most thrilling tales of the sea ever printed. And the best part of the story is that it is true." - Harry B. Turner, Nantucket, MA May 1, 1928.

This astounding tale is told in 4 parts on our Time & Tide podcast. www.timeandtidenantucket.com

This scene, drawn circa 1840, and roughly contemporary to the time of of William Cary’s stay in the Fiji islands, depicts a traditional welcoming ceremony to western sailors visiting the island. Cary recalls many scenes just like this throughout his narrative.

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