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Museum Speaker Series

This fall, join us for a series of lectures focused on the 2022 Featured Exhibiion: Gallant Guardians: The Nantucket Lightships.

Wreck of a Whaling Ship

The "Joseph Starbuck" was a beautiful Nantucket-built whaling ship. On November 27 in 1842, she left the island on route to Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, a destination she would never reach.

Go in Your Deeds of Kindness

On October 21 in 1865, a remarkable expression of Nantucket’s unwavering human spirit rescued a sixty-two year old Captain and his four crewmen from a watery grave off the island’s south shore.

Nantucket's Lifesaving Legacy

Lifesaving is the most inspiring and humbling legacy Nantucket has made in the maritime world. With great esteem, Egan Maritime remembers those whose efforts to save lives were recognized.

Chapel's Chest

A gift to the Museum greatly enhances permanent exhibitions in the Shannon Gallery, while expanding the story of an iconic Nantucket lifesaver and Tuckernuck resident, Erastus Chapel.

Island Beacons

On the 30th National Lighthouse Day and the 230th Anniversary of The Lighthouse Act of 1789, Egan Maritime pauses to celebrate Nantucket's iconic beacons.