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Puppet Party at the Museum

July 10th's Family Day at the Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum was a fantastical free program thanks to the enchanting addition of Nanpuppets and the generosity of the Battle of family.

Remembering Ruthie

On August 9, 2007, the late Ruth "Ruthie" Chapel Grieder received an Egan Maritime Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication to Nantucket and its history.

Island Beacons

On the 30th National Lighthouse Day and the 230th Anniversary of The Lighthouse Act of 1789, Egan Maritime pauses to celebrate Nantucket's iconic beacons.

Programs On Deck: August 2019

Don't let the summer sail away without diving into Nantucket's maritime legacy and seafaring stories. Join Egan Maritime in August for unforgettable sails and exciting family-friendly programs!

Wave Makers: Phyllis & Don Visco

Phyllis and Don Visco have been longtime supporters and members of Egan Maritime Institute; they are have made waves of change with their participation, contributions, and support.

The Great Fire of 1846

The greatest catastrophe in Nantucket history was the Great Fire of 1846, and a Charman painting from the Egan Collection vividly tells the story on the cusp on its 173rd anniversary.